Tours & Attractions

Tours & Attractions

 The Kiribati Parliament House is located within 5 minute's walking distance from the motel.  Our friendly and helpful concierge is also happy to arrange tours around Tarawa, such as:

Cultural Activities/Tours: Many of our cultural rituals and practices are still used today. Visit traditional villages and view artifacts that bring Tarawa's history to life or participate in activities which are still culturally practised today!

World War II Tour: Betio islet was home to the Battle of Tarawa, an influential battle in the South Pacific which was fought by the Americans and the Japanese.  Families of war veterans from both America and Japan travel to pay their respects to their loved ones who died tragically in Tarawa during World War II.  Learn more about this and visit war sites and memorials on a guided tour by our experienced tour guide.

Swimming and Picnic Tours: Our staff can arrange ideal swimming and/or snorkelling tours where you can take the day off from work to relax, swim and/or snorkel to your heart's content and view the colorful marine life in the sea.  

Traditional Dancing:  Still practised today, Kiribati has one of the most unique dances that is not practised anywhere in the world where you can watch different forms of dancing that are traditional and is not like any other in the world.  This can be arranged for those interested in watching these performances where chidren at a very young age are taught how to dance these traditional dances.     

Souvenirs: For souvenir shopping to bring back to your family or loved ones, we can guide you to excellent shopping sites where you can shop for handicraft (bags, fans, swords made of shark's teeth, shells, or local blouses called the 'tibuta' - beautifully stitched blouse made from light fabric and popularly worn by women, or brightly colored local sarongs that are worn by both the men and women as they are comfortable attires in our tropical climate.

We can also arrange other types of tours to suit any interest.  Please contact us for more information about things to do in Kiribati, Tarawa, and at Utirerei Motel.  We look forward to seeing you and to be of service to you soon!